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Achieving the Look of Allure is about more than just the dress. On the day when all eyes are on you, feeling confident and beautiful is something every bride deserves. Whether your style is classic and traditional or bold and dramatic, it all starts with how your wedding dress makes you feel. And we love the way Allure dresses make brides feel!

At Allure, the design process begins at the foundation. Any designer can drape white fabric and call it a wedding dress, but if your gown isn’t properly constructed, your walk down the aisle will be long and uncomfortable. Allure Construction is this company’s patented built-in corset, which provides a signature fit and structure that you can only find with Allure. This extra support doesn’t have to bust your budget, though. Allure gowns range in price from $800-$1800.  Because of the luxurious fabrics and modern silhouettes that make up Allure dresses, brides can walk down the aisle in confident style.


Price Point: $700-$2,000



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