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~Store Questions~

Do I need an appointment? Appointments are not required on the week days, but are strongly recommended. We require appointments on weekends to ensure that each bride receives the service and attention she deserves. If you stop in without an appointment and there are consultants available, we would love to help! However, if all consultants are assisting pre-booked appointments, you may be asked to schedule an appointment or return when a bridal consultant is available.

What sizes do you carry? Unlike many bridal boutiques, Pure Bridal takes pride in the wide variety of sizes offered to brides. From size 0-32W, we have you covered! Our professional stylists specialize in helping every bride find a dress that fits their personality and emphasizes their best attributes.

How many dresses do you have in stock at a time? Our inventory is constantly evolving, so we don’t have an exact number of dresses in the store, but generally speaking, we have about 200-300 wedding gowns in the store at any given time. Each dress is handpicked to ensure the best quality and styles. Pure Bridal’s buyers literally wade through thousands of wedding dresses and only bringing home the top designs.

Do you price match? We have lowered all of our prices to the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), which is the lowest price any retailer can mark their merchandise.  Not all of our Manufacturers have set MSRP’s for their designs, so if you’ve found a dress that we carry for less at another store in the state of Iowa, we will price match! Please note: we can only price match from brick and mortar stores only, no online sites. We can not sell for less than MSRP. If another store is selling their styles for under MSRP, you don’t want to get your dress from their store anyway: If a manufacturer finds out that a store is discounting (marking their merchandise for under MSRP), they can have the entire line pulled from their store with no refunds.

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~Bridal Questions~

When should I order my wedding dress?  We like to say that proactive brides are the happy brides and the sooner you find your dress, the better. Most brides buy their dress 9-12 months prior to their wedding, so they have time for alterations and time to make any changes, should any issues arise. Realistically, 6-9 months out is where you need to order your wedding gown to avoid rush charges and stress about if your wedding gown will be ready in time for your wedding.

How do I know what size I wear? Most bridal and bridesmaids companies base their sizing charts off the 1940′s scale, back when Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, so don’t be shocked if you find out that your dress size is one or two sizes above what you normally wear. The first step to finding the best size for you is to take your measurements and compare them to the designer’s sizing charts. If your measurements put you between sizes, we may want to try on some dresses to determine the best fit.

Who does your alterations? How much do they cost? Alterations are one of the most important parts of the wedding gown process that can easily make or break your dress and almost EVERY bride needs some alterations. From adding a bustle to tilting the bust inward to prevent tall people from seeing down your dress, brides use the alteration process to make their dress more comfortable (you’ll be in it all day).  Originally, we wanted to offer in-house alterations, but finding an amazing and qualified seamstress was near impossible – until we discovered Karen Neely, owner of KN Custom Sewing ((515)432-1619). KN Custom Sewing has  75 years of alteration experience under their belt and has the best seamstresses around. Based off your preference, Karen will either meet you at Pure Bridal or at her store in Boone. The cost for alterations are priced a-la-carte, so the price varies depending on what you need done (for brides, generally between $100-300).

I want to loose weight before my wedding, should I wait to buy my dress until I shed a couple pounds? No!!  Waiting until you loose weight often adds expensive rush fees, unnecessary stress, and difficulty to the wedding shopping experience. Aside from the risk of having to rush order your wedding gown or find one off the rack, waiting until the last minute to go dress shopping will limit your options.  Pure Bridal specializes in plus size wedding gowns, so you won’t be stuck trying to fit into sizes 8 or 10 (half of our samples are a 14 or above – all the way up to 32W!!). Wedding gowns were designed to flatter your curves and camouflage problem areas and in most cases, make you look 2 sizes smaller! Come play dress up already!

Is there a layaway or payment plan? Absolutely! We believe that every bride deserves the gown of her dreams, but we don’t want anyone to go hungry to pay for it. For off the rack or sample gowns, we offer a layaway plan to hold the dress for you, which is $25 for 24 hours or $50 for a week. We also have a payment plan option to assist in paying off your dress. If you are unable to pay for your wedding gown in full, our standard payment plan requires half down to place the order and the second half of your balance due in 30 days. If you are unable to pay your second half off in 30 days, speak with your bridal consultant about other options! (For bridesmaids, you can put half down to order and the second half is due when your dress arrives.)

Do you offer any discounts when I get my dress from you?  Most of our vendors set a MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), which is the lowest possible price that we are allowed to sell our dresses for.  Since we set our prices off the MSRP, we are not allowed to discount the price of the dress, but we do offer other discounts! If you’ve found your wedding gown at Pure Bridal, any accessories (jewelry, shoes, undergarments, etc) that you purchase on the same day as your gown purchase are 10% off. The number of bridesmaids/mothers/flower girl dresses you need determines the discount you receive on them. If you are getting 4 or less bridesmaids/mothers/flower girl dresses, you get 10% off each dress. If you have 5 or more, you get 20% off.


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